CAD/ Design &
Drafting Services

We offer CAD, Design and Drafting services for interior/ furniture design,
mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural purposes. Our experienced
team are experts in 3D and 2D drafting.


Outsourcing CAD/ Design and Drafting has several advantages. Our specialty
and talent in the field will help you increase your productivity and turnaround
time. Allowing us to take the task off your hands and put it in the trusted hands
of our team, allows us to collaborate our expertise to get the job done correctly.
More and more companies are outsourcing their CAD / Drafting because it truly is cost effective.

Our services are also designed to accommodate customers and small businesses who do not have resources to justify a full-time in-house draughtsman, or customers who occasionally need CAD / drafting services. This allows the company to save time and money and focus their attention on the things that really matter to them.  Our drawings are made available in several different formats.