Custom Machine Designing

& Manufacturing

We love turning our client’s ideas and visions into reality. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom machinery with our services designed to improve the operation of our customer’s facilities, save time, effort, and money.


There is no generic approach to take- we make it our mission to offer a tailor-made experience fit to our client’s vision and budget. We follow the product development process from start through to manufacture, helping our customer determine their product needs and how best to address possible challenges. In the early phases, we help brainstorm new solutions that guide the development towards product solutions. Later, we bring idea from design to a tangible, fully-functional product. Our projects include
building customized 3D Printers, conveyors for the food processing and packaging industry and industrial sanding/buffing machines. We can also retrofit existing equipment to prolong their lifespan, increase capabilities and bridge the gap to new markets.